GHLP: Global Health Leadership Program

What’s GLP?

The GLP nurtures future leaders for the 21st century through a curriculum that tackles pressing global issues in “social innovation,” offering strategies, ideas and organizational tactics. This year, the theme of “Social Innovation for an Inclusive Society” focuses on students building their own leadership capabilities through field-based analysis and practices. The emphasis for students is to integrate and apply their social and community-led initiatives and innovations into real-life situations that can have a valuable impact on society, while fostering a spirit of inclusion.
The Global Leadership Program (formerly known as the Global Health Leadership Program) is unique in every aspect compared with other programs offered by universities in Japan – it is global, focuses on social innovation, and is conducted entirely in English. Our curriculum offers elements drawn from the global forefront of knowledge and wisdom, with perspectives both academic and field-based and of a quality accessible to doctoral and post-doctoral students.
Every year, GLP accepts about 30 students from multiple disciplines and countries of origin. An education with GLP consists of a three-month lecture series, a three-month internship, and individual advisory sessions – all of which is designed to strengthen thought leadership capacity and interpersonal skills and promote personal growth.

During the first three months, GLP provides rigorous academic training coupled with content on the practical aspects of professional development. Students participate in sessions on social innovation, global health, and leadership delivered by world-leading experts and develop their problem-solving and basic communication skills. After completing this three-month training course, students venture out to various sites worldwide – including international organizations, companies, think-tanks and non-profit organizations – and work for three months as interns to experience what it is to work globally. In addition, in order to tailor a program of professional development to meet each student’s needs and address individual challenges, GLP offers one-on-one advisory sessions to provide personalized consultation and coaching toward future academic and career path setting.
GLP is a dynamic learning community that lasts. Students actively communicate with each other during the lecture period, internship and even after graduation. GLP also provides opportunities where alumni and students can get together and learn from one another.
Leveraging what they learn from the program and its community, GLP students will become an important part of the global community and contribute to enhancing the well-being of human life.