GHLP: Global Health Leadership Program

Advisory Process and Advisors

Internal Advisory

In order to deliver a truly effective program that meets each student’s professional needs and addresses individual challenges, GLP offers one-on-one tutorial sessions with advisors. These interactions provide personalized consultation and coaching toward future academic and career path setting.

GLP regular students will be paired with a faculty member who will play an advisory role in the internship process and other professional development areas. For auditors and corporate students, faculty members are readily available and willing to provide advice upon request.

External Advisers

The following individuals are supporters of GLP and will be available for career advice upon contact via faculty members.

Dr. Richard Cash Senior Lecturer, Harvard School of Public Health
Visiting Professor, Public Health Foundation of India
Dr. Dai Hozumi Senior Technical Advisor, PATH
Dr. Yutaro Setoya Technical Officer
Evidence, Research and Action on Mental and Brain Disorders,
Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, The World Health Organization