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Innovation and Design for social change: young innovators

Saturday, 28th February, 2015

Innovation and Technology are key drivers for social change. Britain and British universities have a strong culture of creativity and invention, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a long history of innovation for social change. Examples of the life-changing products and designs to have come out of the UK include the telephone, World Wide Web, television, jet engine, ATM machines, hypodermic syringe and carbon fibre.

At this event we hear from two young British innovators, James Roberts and Joel Gibbard, who show that harnessing entrepreneurial skills and design principles can lead to the development of life-changing products. Find out about their inspiration, the challenges they face, and their plans for the future.

Venue :
ITO International Centre, 3F Seminar Room, University of Tokyo - Hongo Campus.
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Global Leadership Program, University of Tokyo, British Council and British Embassy

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ご登壇者 / Speakers

James Roberts
Creator and Founder of MOM Incubators LTD
James Roberts is Creator and Founder of MOM Incubators LTD, an innovative low-cost incubator to maintain the health of premature babies born in disaster zones and developing countries. MOM was awarded the 1st place in the International James Dyson Awards. James is a graduate in Product Design & Technology from Loughborough University and has recently completed a Diploma in Professional studies where he worked with Design Company Plexi-Craft in New York City.
Joel Gibbard
Award-winning roboticist and engineer, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory
Joel Gibbard is an award-winning roboticist and engineer. In 2013 he launched The Open Hand Project, a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for the development of 3D printed prosthetics. In 2014, Joel founded Open Bionics and created the world's first and most advanced 3D printed robotic hand prosthetic. He was recently named 'Britain's Design Engineer of the Year' at the British Engineering Excellence awards and 'Founder of the Year' at the TechSPARK awards; he won 'Best Engineering Innovation Award' from Plymouth University, and is currently shortlisted for Semta's 'Engineering Hall of Fame'. He is currently based inside the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a world-leading research and innovation centre for robotics. His company, Open Bionics, has won multiple awards for technology innovation, including 'Prosthetic Innovation of the Year', and 'Best Product Innovation' at CES.

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