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The Nordic model and Sweden’s successful handling of the financial crisis/ノルディックモデルから学ぶ金融危機管理

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mr. Pär Nuder, Senior Counselor to Albright Stonebridge Group and former Minister of Finance of Sweden, will give a lecture on the Nordic model and why Sweden handled the financial crisis better than most other European countries. In our time of globalization Sweden has managed to open up to the outside world, while still maintaining its core values. Not only have Sweden managed to provide a free market economy combined with a welfare state, the country is also one the world’s most gender equal societies, which has become a huge competitive advantage. Mr. Nuder will also comment on the recent Swedish election and the Finnish elections coming up in March 2015. What are the political trends in the Nordics and what do they imply for business and investments, there and globally?



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Fukutake Learning Theatre, The University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus
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Global Leadership Program, The University of Tokyo
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Pär Nuder
Senior Counselor to Albright Stonebridge Group and former Minister of Finance of Sweden
Mr. Pär Nuder served as Minister of Finance of Sweden from 2004 to 2006, as Minister of Policy Coordination from 2002 to 2004 and as State Secretary and Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Göran Persson from 1996 to 2002. Mr. Nuder is Chairman of The Third National Pension Fund (AP3) and board member of several private companies in Sweden. He is also Senior Counselor of U.S. Secretary Albright’s global strategy firm Albright Stonebridge Group, advising clients on global financial trends and providing strategic advice to clients seeking to enter the European market. Prior to joining govermnent Pär served as a Member of Parliament, political secretary to the Social Democratic parliamentary party group, and political adviser to the Minister of Justice and to Prime Ministers Ingvar Carlsson and Göran Persson. Pär is also advisor to the private equity fund EQT, serveral other Nordic companies and member of The President’s Advisory Council, Tokyo University. ペール・ヌーデル(Pär Nuder) 元スウェーデン財務相(2004年〜06年)。1996年~02年社会民主労働党ヨーラン・ペーション政権の首相筆頭補佐官、02~04年政策調整担当相を歴任。 現在は、スウェーデンにてThe Third National Pension Fund (AP3)会長、その他複数の企業の理事を務めている。また、元米国務長官オルブライト氏が創設した世界戦略事務所オルブライト・ストーンブリッジ・グループ(Albright Stonebridge Group)の上席参事官として、世界金融動向に対する助言や欧州市場への参入機会を窺っている顧客への戦略的方策に関する提言等を行っている。 閣僚入りする以前は、国会議員として社会民主労働党の政務秘書官、さらには、法務相補佐官、イングヴァール・カールソンならびにヨーラン・ペーション両首相補佐官を務めた。 プライベート・エクイティ・ファンドEQT、さらに複数のノルウェー企業の顧問を務める他、東京大学The President’s Advisory Council委員でもある。

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