GHLP: Global Health Leadership Program

Past Events

Date Event title Speakers
March 16, 2015Seminar by Hon. Motohisa FurukawaHon. Motohisa Furukawa
Former state Minister of National Strategy, Economic and Fiscal Policy
March 15, 2015Workshop on Coaching for Professional Career DevelopmentRob Toomey
President and Founder, Type Coach, LCC
John Vigil
Communication Specialist
February 28, 2015Special Symposium: Innovation and Design for social change: young innovators James Roberts
Creator and Founder of MOM Incubators LTD
Joel Gibbard
Award-winning roboticist and engineer, the Bristol Robotics Laboratory
February 13, 2015GLP Special Seminar February 13th,2015: How Oxford restructured for the twenty-first centuryProf. Roger Goodman
University of Oxford, Head of Social Sciences Division
January 19, 2015GLP Special Seminar on January 19th, 2015: “Global Governance by Multilateral Institutions: Role of the WTO”Dr.Chiedu Osakwe
WTO Director of the Accessions Division
November 7, 2014Funding Academic Research in the 21st CenturyApril Edrington
Managing Director of Institutional Partnerships, Harvard School of Public Health
October 30, 2014Global Health Seminar-Old and New Challenges in Global Health/ Registration ClosedProfessor Peter Piot
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
October 28, 2014The Nordic model and Sweden’s successful handling of the financial crisis/ノルディックモデルから学ぶ金融危機管理Pär Nuder
Senior Counselor to Albright Stonebridge Group and former Minister of Finance of Sweden
October 16, 2014Embracing Entrepreneurship/起業家精神の育成Sir Vernon Ellis
Chair, British Council
August 18, 2014Special Seminar: A Data-Driven Perspective on Mortality and Recovery from the Tohoku DisasterDaniel P. Aldrich
Associate Professor, University Faculty Scholar, Director of Asian Studies, Purdue University
May 29, 2014“Community-Based Electric Power Supply – Energizing Rural Development, Village Empowerment, Creating Sustainability and Self Reliance”Ms. Tri Mumpuni
Ashoka Fellow / Founder of IBEKA
May 28, 2014“Social Innovation for Inclusive Society: ‘Beyond Capitalism’”Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
Founder and Chairman, UN foundation for Global Compact, Former Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell
Former Health Commissioner in Nigeria Distinguished Fellow at African Presidential Center, Boston University
Executive Director, IBEKA Foundation Ashoka Fellow
May 9, 2014“Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation & Leadership : The Critical Elements of a Successful Inclusive Society”Ms. Linda Bernardi
Author, Technology Provocateur, Entrepreneur/ex-CEO, Strategist, Investor, Lecturer and Board Member
March 13, 2014 Special Seminar with a Distinguished Guest, Hon. Gunnar Oquist Dr. Gunnar Oquist
January 15, 2014 “Fact-based view of the world: why developing vs. developed is meaningless” Dr. Hans Rosling
October 22nd, 2013 Special Symposium
“Educational Leadership”
Mr. Jeffrey Charbonneau
National Teacher of the Year 2013
Dr. Michael Nobel
Chairman of Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation (Asia)
Former Chairman of the Nobel Family Society
Visiting Professor at Seisa University
June 3, 2013 “Leading Social Change” by the Man behind Obama’s Presidential Campaign: Marshall Ganz Dr. Marshall Ganz
Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Sociology Lecturer, Department of Liberal Arts
Mr. Makoto Yuasa
Social Activist
Executive Director, Independent Life Support Center (MOYAI)
Executive Director, Anti-Poverty Network
Mr. Hiroki Komazaki
Social Entrepreneur
CEO, Florence
Board Chairperson, Japan Sick Childcare Association
Board Chairperson, Zenkoku Shoukibo Hoiku Kyougikai
May 18, 2013 Symposium:
Maximizing Health Impact through Innovations: Lessons from Product Development Partnership (PDP) in Global Health
Dr. Michael Free
Senior Advisor Emeritus PATH
Dr. William Wells
Market Access Director, Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Dr. YiWu He
Senior Program Officer, Discovery and Translational Sciences Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Mr. Raja Rao
Senior Program Officer, Global Health/Vaccine Delivery, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
May 13, 2013 Symposium:
The Future of Learning Innovation: Evolution, Revolution and What’s Next?
Dr. David Perkins
Senior Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Education
Dr. Manabu Sato
Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo, Professor at Gakushuin University, Faculty of Letters
Jan 23, 2013 Healthy by law: the missed opportunity to use laws for public health Professor Amir Attaran
DPhil (Oxon), LLB (UBC), MS (Caltech), BA (Berkeley)
Canada Research Chair in Law, Population Health and Global Development Policy
Faculties of Law and Medicine; University of Ottawa
Jan 10, 2013 Overview of impact evaluation and the systematic review of maternal and child health program (interim assessment) Dr. Mark Sundberg
Manager, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank Group

Dr. Jeff Tanner
Task Team Leader for Impact Evaluations, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank Group

Dec 21, 2012 Open Lecture and Career Session Mr. Shunsuke Mabuchi
Health Specialist, Africa Region, The World Bank

Dr. Hiromasa Okayasu
Medical Officer, Global Polio Eradication Initiative, World Health Organization

Dr. Satoshi Ezoe
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Formally UNAIDS

Dec 17, 2012 Innovative Integrated Solutions for TB and HIV Dr. Alexander Pym
Associate Investigator, K-RITH (South Africa)
Nov 26, 2012 Social Capital in Disaster Recovery Dr. Daniel P. Aldrich
Associate Professor of Political Science at Purdue University
Nov 12, 2012 Product Develop Partnership: Case Studies Dr. Dai Hozumi
Senior Advisor, PATH
Nov 6, 2012 ORT as the Diffusion of Innovation Dr. Richard Cash
Senior Lecturer on International Health, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health