GHLP: Global Health Leadership Program

Board of Advisors

The GLP Advisory Board consists of prominent figures in the field of global health and leadership education. GLP will send regular updates about the program to the Board and may convene the Board meeting every other year. Either on individual communication or at the Board meeting, the Board members will be asked for candid advice on the program’s direction, strategy and operation.


Chairman of the board

Dr. Tachi Yamada
Former President, Global Health Program,
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Chief Medical Officer, Takeda Pharmaceutical

Board members

Dr. Julio Frenk
Dean of Faculty
Harvard School of Public Health

Dr. Harvey Fineberg
President, Institute of Medicine
Professor, Emeritus of the Harvard School of Public Health

Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa
Chairman, Health and Global Policy Institute
Academic Fellow, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Dr. Keizo Takemi
Former Senior Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Professor, School of Political Science and Economics, Tokai University

Dr. Stefan Noreen
Senior Advisor, President Office of The University of Tokyo

Dr. Masako Egawa
Executive Vice President
The University of Tokyo

Dr. Hideyuki Horii
Professor, Faculty of Engineering
The University of Tokyo

Dr. Hideaki Shiroyama
Professor, School of Public Policy
The University of Tokyo